US Departmental store chain sees 8% increase in sales for high sales products and 900 basis points improvement in inventory turnover for slow-moving products

Store Operations

With Store analytics, retailers can have greater control over every aspect of what goes on between the aisles. Placing the right products on the right shelves with the help of predictive analytics ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our solutions Labor Management and Shrinkage prevention.

Our solutions for labor management are driven by the objective of ensuring efficient workforce utilization while keeping in mind that the ‘loads match the shoulders’, thus improving employee productivity too.


Retail is undergoing huge pressure on labor operating costs since excess staff leads to cost overruns while lower than required staff adversely impact sales and customer service levels. Optimal balance between the store staffing level and revenue growth potential is needed to meet the corporate goals regarding the operational efficiency.


Optimized workforce allocation to the right store at right time helps to meet the corporate productivity goals, gain sales, improve the customer experience and store performance. It also helps in major reduction in cost due to better planning of resources – in terms of their allocation time and space standpoint.

Affine recommends regular tracking of stock levels. Patterns in inventory level fluctuation can be identified and management alerted in possible cases of shrinkage.


There is a need for strategic data analytics to reduce shrinkage for retailers, restaurants, and manufacturing companies. Early warning indicators to stop problems before they start.


Prompt detection of shrinkage enabling quick response/action. Reduced loss because of prompt remedial action during incidents of theft.

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