US Departmental store chain sees 8% increase in sales for high sales products and 900 basis points improvement in inventory turnover for slow-moving products


Affine’s customer-centric merchandising analytics solutions enable the business to define customized assortment and promotions based on customer need and preference. Our solutions are Assortment optimization, Promotional pricing effectiveness and Planogram.

Our optimization capabilities can be used to derive the the best product assortment to drive sales while keeping in mind the strengths and desirability of each SKU.


The product assortment(s) has an enormous impact on sales and gross margin. Hence, there is a need to simplify and streamline the assortment planning process by identifying the optimal mix of SKUs which are fast moving and provide high value.


Assortment optimization helps in increasing the purchase basket size of customer leading to increased revenue by catering to the diverse needs of customers. It helps in achieving the higher margin and lowers the inventory liability by ensuring a healthy sell-through rate for products.

We can help retailers develop an analysis engie which can determine the impact of different price promotions. A simulator can help the business determine the impact of various plans and the best alternatives, aiding decision making.


Pricing Promotions like discounts, clearance and, BOGO help to attract customers and move more units at the cost of margin. An effective analytical approach to promotional pricing is needed to determine the best trade-off between sell-through and margin.


Promotional pricing analytics determines the optimal prices that lead to higher volumes, gross profits and velocity of sales. It also determines the best trade-off between maximum margin and maximum sell-through scenarios. The regular campaign monitoring leads to generation of directional insights that help design efficient future campaigns.

Affine can help retailers decipher the strengths and abilities of different aisles and endcaps in the store and how best to utilize the shelf space by analyzing purchases.


Retailers need to make the most of up to date insights in consumerism and visual merchandising, planogramming to constantly exploit quality high street marketing techniques. Effective planograms combine the needs of the store with the needs of the consumer, makes the products visually more attractive and available in the store and increases the sales by category.


Efficient planogram leads to bigger basket size by influencing customer’s purchase decision. The attractive end caps and highlighted offers in the planogram motivates the customer to explore the store more and hence increases sales.

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