Gaming companies need to face profound transformations to stay ahead in the competition. But before that, you need Development and In-game insight solutions for the studio work to identify loopholes and answer business queries based on a multi-dimensional data model. Affine’s analytical solutions help streamline this process while helping studios to track In-game player statistics, gamer matchmaking, cheat detection, gameplay enhancement recommendations, and cost optimization. We deliver digital and cognitive transformation in an agile and effective manner to meet the evolving gaming studio needs.


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The cheating trend is ubiquitous in multiplayer online games. Access to the Internet and darknets could make it easy for players to cheat. Sometimes in return for a price. Affine’s Game Boosting Solution developed by Machine Learning models; analyze users who would unfairly boost scores by taking advantage of loopholes by identifying fraudulent behavior based on In-game telemetry and session data.


Cheating could cause an unfortunate event that affects competition and spoils the fun in a multi-billion-dollar industry that entertains a large global population. To become a robust competitive entertainment platform, you need to have a robust cheat detection facilitation.


Affine offers Cheat Detection Solutions that help you to identify social mechanisms to minimize the spread of cheating behavior and propose limiting cheating contagion. It also includes Game Boosting Solutions with data mining techniques to shield the gaming process from versatile cheaters that are harder to detect and pose more significant threats.

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